Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Things I've Written, Entirely Out of Context: Academia Edition (2017-18)

It's time for another...

Academia Edition
(2017-18 Term)

A.K.A. all the times my personal writing style may have influenced my academic writing style a little too much, to the chagrin and occasional amusement of my professors. In this essay I will discuss:

  • Misapplied science!
  • Conspiracy theories about children's books!
  • Shade thrown at literary characters!
  • Puns!
  • Memes!
  • Whiny Heterosexual Men called out on their nonsense!
  • And, as is to be expected, a great deal of sarcasm!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Kevarya: An Introduction to Magic

Image description: a silhouette of a raven in flight, magically vanishing into smoke, with a background of swirling nebulae and stars. Photo edit by Amanda Grace Shu.
Last week I promised you all some magic, so here's a look at the magic system of the Kevarya Universe. What happens when a powerful metaphysical force, unbound by the laws of nature, develops a mind of its own? Find out in An Introduction to Magic.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Kevarya: Updated Maps (Interactive!)

School is out for the summer, which hopefully means more content on a more regular basis for you, my wonderful readers!

It should surprise no one that I love worldbuilding, so when I discovered WorldAnvil, I was delighted to find a platform that would allow me to share all the pointless miscellaneous details of my fictional universe with the world! One particularly exciting tool I discovered was an interactive map feature which allows you to upload images and add tags to it, much like Google Maps, to give brief descriptions of the major cities and landmarks. Thrilled, I updated the maps I had put together in Photoshop over a year ago (really? it's been a year?), and annotated away.

Here are the results, along with the non-interactive new map designs.
The Northern Continent: Interactive Version Here
 The Southern Continent: Interactive Version Here

Thanks again to WorldAnvil. Any Kevarya-related article or piece of writing I post here will also be cross-posted there. Next up: a look at magic and mages in the Kevarya Universe. What happens when metaphysical energy gains a mind of its own?