Who are you?
Amanda Grace Shu, student, author, poet, and all-around word nerd. She is a graduate of the 2014 and 2015 Alpha SF/F/H Young Writers Workshop and the 2013 Juniper Institute for Young Writers. When not writing, she LARPs, plays piano, fawns over her cat, and gets yelled at by her characters for not writing. You may also know her as Amata le Fay on various Internet platforms
You're referring to yourself in third person. Isn't that kind of pretentious?
Yes, it is. But apparently it's how these things are done.
What's with the name of the website?

"Mapping out a sky" is a line from the song "Finishing The Hat" from the musical Sunday in the Park With George, whose music and lyrics were written by the brilliant Stephen Sondheim. The lyric reflects my personal writing philosophy: I aim to map out a small corner of the infinite, of the imagination, and of the unfamiliar worlds and undiscovered people that lie therein.

Yeah, you seem pretty pretentious, or at least really serious about your writing. Have you published anything, or won any contests?
See Publication and Other Honors.
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