Thursday, March 30, 2017

Introducing the Character Directory

Ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary folk, please allow me to introduce you to a brand-new feature of this website: the Character Directory!

Yes, now whenever you hear me go on and on about a character about whom you know absolutely nothing, just head over to the Character Directory page and click on the character's name to get a detailed profile—or, for those pressed for time, a 140-character summary of their personality, Twitter-style.

Alas, previous few of the detailed profiles are actually complete, but I will continue to work on them, because apparently writing about my characters in purely theoretical terms is more appealing than actually working on my novel.

Here's a quick example of a completed profile, for a certain Arkady fe Normonne:

Full name: Princess Arkadya Magati fa Normonne Prince Arkady Magati fe Normonne 
Age: 20
Gender: Male (Transgender) 
Appearance: 5'5" with pale skin, thin build, and long limbs and fingers. Dark brown/black hair cropped military-style. Dark eyes with epicanthic folds. Small, straight nose typical of fe Normonne ancestry. Small, bound breasts, the left of which has a scar under it. Muscled back and calloused fingers from archery. 
In 140 Characters: Shapeshifter, earth mage, trans man, and reluctant heir to the throne. Tries to avoid politics by running away to forest. Bad decision-maker. 
In More Than 140 Characters: Arkady is the only child and heir of King Mathylde of Kevarya. Because of his gender identity, his relationship with his mother—and with the entire royal court—is fraught with political tension. Introverted and guarded, Arkady does not trust easily and never has. He is fiercely intelligent with a deep hunger for knowledge and an observant eye, but beneath his quiet exterior lies an insecure and emotionally sensitive young man. Although he comes across as antisocial, Arkady is quite empathetic, especially in matters concerning the oppressed. He hates binaries, especially of gender, and has a personalized idea of masculinity to which he ascribes, entirely separate from society's definition of masculinity. To Arkady, gender is an individual creed, and a creed which he takes seriously. If you try to strip him of his identity or take away his freedom to be himself, hell hath no fury like Arkady fe Normonne.
Sound exciting? Well then, head on over and read more!