Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bountiful Butterfly Blessings

Picture taken from Image depicts butterflies and a rainbow. I think it's a gorgeous picture.

In May, I wrote and posted a poem called "To Sing to a Butterfly". Here's what that particular poem's been up to since:

  • Posted on the Old South Church Forum
  • Used by Rev. Dr. Debbie Clark in a worship service at Edwards Church in Framingham
  • Inspired an in-progress piano prelude by composer Erik Gustafson
  • Used by Rev. Don Remick at the opening worship service for the UCC Mass Conference
  • Shared by at an Interfaith Spirituality group at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and:
  • Published in the Summer 2012 edition of the Old South Reporter

So thank you Anonymous, for giving me the prompt that started it all, and all of you for your continued support!