Monday, December 17, 2012


Picture taken from, once again courtesy of The Internet. Image depicts an atom, and, as you have no doubt guessed, has something to do with the subject of this story.
Since my last post was so short, I thought I might as well post the third and final in my series of personifications. Again, not holiday-themed, and I apologize if that's what you're in the mood for.

Anyway, here it is. Inspired by Chem class and by Sara Bareilles's "Gravity" (though that actually isn't the name of the force I'm talking about), I present:


It takes all my energy to stay away from you.

I see all the others hanging close, practically flying into you as they whirl and spin so fast trying to please you. Well, I'm not like them. Believe me, I want to be—I still feel that attraction, negative to positive, as strong as and perhaps even stronger than they do, and I try to circle as close to you as I can. But I'm always shut out, and I've learned to face it. I don't love you anymore, not really.

That's why I drift all on my own, hooking up with any and every other I can get. I'm a freak here, a total mess. I don't belong. Don't you try to lie, I know you. I know you want to get rid of me, to fling me out into space to be swallowed up by some kind of crushing vacuum of dark matter or something. I make the whole system unstable. I disturb the balance.

But you can't destroy me. You can only lend me out, push me into another's range so I'm someone else's problem. I will always be a part of you. And that's something you're going to have to face. Me.

You don't have to love me. I don't have to love you. You just keep on pulling, and I'll keep following.

It's what we were made for, after all.

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