Monday, December 17, 2012


Picture taken from, courtesy of The Internet, as usual. Image depicts the subject of this piece in a very pretty, artsy way. I like it.
Second in my series of personifications, though rather unfortunately timed as it really is more autumn-themed than winter-themed and has absolutely nothing to do with the holidays. Ah, well. What can you do?

The narrator of this one is a bit harder to tell from the text, but hopefully from the picture you will understand. If not, just look up the word "chloroplast," and maybe brush up on your cell anatomy while you're at it... kidding, kidding. Though seriously, do. Who knows? It may inspire a story for you, too!


You might think that I would be too small to see the universe around me, but sadly, that assumption is false. I can see it all, plain as day. I can feel the winds blowing colder, the river growing restless, the trees' leaves falling to the ground, my brothers wasting away, leaving only the brown and orange behind.

It's a pretty scene, to be sure, but this isn't the time to linger and appreciate beauty. Autumn is coming and I am dying inside this cell.

So quickly it is our turn to vanish. No one knows what happens beyond that, only that none of us wants it. Spring after spring, the young hope and pray that the world will stay green and warm forever, but somewhere in our minds, wherever they are, we know that time is ticking away, that everything is ending. Ephemeral—is that what we are? Is that what life is?

I reach out to the sunlight as I feel myself falling, down, down into the depths of nothingness, silently screaming—I don't want to go.

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