Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Fathers and daughters across time and space: an Adobe Photoshop edit combining photos by AmarinskySrichakra Pranav, and NASA. Photos licensed under Wikimedia Commons and remixed by Amanda Grace Shu.
Guess who's been published in her first professional market?

This story was written as a Christmas gift for my father and later revised at the Alpha Workshop. I wanted to write a story that conveyed both the joy of fantasy exploration and the emotional strain of adventure upon a father-daughter relationship. The story darts in and out of Clare's life as her father does, never fully resolving any of the conflicts hinted at, and yet giving us a full sense of their relationship, in all its ups and downs.

So, without further ado, I present to you...


  1. Congratulations on your first professional sale, Amanda! Might I have permission to use a reduced resolution copy of your collage above (150 pixels wide) on my Big List of Time Travel Stories for 2016 ( With your permission, I would also like to include a photograph of the author (you!). I could use the photo from your online interview, but if you could provide a black-and-white photo that is at least 360 pixels wide, I'd be delighted to use that. Each posting in my list provides a link back to the story and to images that I use. I am a retired professor, and I put together my list for fun. I'm always excited to see a new author.

    all good things and best wishes for your future writing,

    Michael (

    1. Hi, Michael. Thank you for reading and taking interest in my work! You may use my banner on your website; however, I'm not sure if the images I combined to make it (see the links above) have to be attributed to their sources under Creative Commons. I think they might. I'll look into it some more and send you an author photo as well. Thanks again!


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