Tuesday, May 15, 2012

To Sing to a Butterfly

This was written for the "Opportunity For Readers" challenge in response to Anonymous's prompt: "I would love to read a poem about how to sing to a butterfly." I hope you love it as much as you thought you would!

To Sing to a Butterfly

Its wings are still wet and barely formed,
its body old and new and confusing.
The creature is delicate during this time of transition.
A sudden noise could frighten it away.
You must begin softly, quietly
as not to shake the little cocoon.
Or so the experts say.

But you must not let these warnings
deter you from your task.
The butterfly needs your song,
your soul, your strength, your tender love.
If it wakes from its slumber to find a world gone silent,
it will not find the courage to open its wings
and flutter through the sky.
Or so the experts say.

But when we sing to the emerging creature,
it knows that this is a good world,
that there are meadows of flowers and sweet nectar here,
that someone loves it here.
And we are reassured of it
when we see the breathtaking beauty
of the butterfly in flight.

For this is the truth all nature-singers know:
When you sing to a butterfly
you sing to yourself as well,
and you know that all things are possible.


  1. Wow, Amanda,

    What a beautiful, moving poem. I love the fact that the song tells the emerging butterfly about the good things awaiting it. I also like the phrase about its body being old and new and confusing.

    Your writing truly is a gift.

    Thanks, Marilyn

  2. Beautiful sweetie. I wonder if you subconsciously used the phrase "so the experts say" (2x) which is a line in my How to Mother poem. You know I always use the analogy of a butterfly to describe your early days of life. In my poem, I speak of my desire for you to be strong enough to accept my songs -- I see some parallels between your poem and mine (although of course your work is all your own). Tree Hugger Mom