Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fanfiction Honors!

Banner made by the wonderful Kate of Carlay, one of the moderators over at Starvation Forum. Thanks so much, Kate!
The Clever, Crazy, Completely Non-Canon Challenge was a competition run during the fall and winter by the Hunger Games fan forum Starvation. The basic concept was to write either an AU story (a story with events that deviate from the source material) or a story with a non-canon pairing (a romantic relationship contradicted by/not mentioned in the source material); the winner of each category would be determined by votes. I am honored to announce that my short story "Dark Days" won in the AU category!

Speaking of honors, several stories of mine have also been nominated for the 2011/2012 Winter Hunger Games Awards: multi-chapter story Survival for "Best SYOT" and "Burning Bright" and "Smoke and Mirrors" for "Best Prompt-Inspired" (the only stories even nominated for that category, another honor!) These awards have not been judged yet, so stay tuned for further updates!

A complete list of fanfiction honors awarded to me can be found here.

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